Sunrise Honey Bliss

Sip into a Golden Symphony

Tasting Notes: Honey, Hazelnut, Cocoa

Roast Level: Medium

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Size: 12oz.

Whole Bean - The preferred method (Requires a grinder at home).

Cold Brew - (Coarsest) For making cold brew.

French Press - (Coarse) For brewing with a French Press.

Chemex - (Medium-Coarse) For brewing with a Chemex.

Drip - (Medium-Coarse) Regular coffee machines + Keurig.

Pour Over - (Medium-Fine) For hand brewing pour over coffee.

Espresso - (Finest) For making espresso.




Grind: Whole Bean




Roast Level



Yellow Catucai

Guide To A Perfect Cup

This is just a starting point for you to build upon and discover your perfect ratio.

Drip Coffeemaker

  • Coffee: 12 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Medium-Coarse
  • Filtered Water: 34 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:15
  • Brew Time: 4-6 Minutes

French Press

  • Coffee: 10 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Coarse
  • Water: 25 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:12
  • Brew Time: 4 Minutes

Pour Over

  • Coffee: 6 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Water: 17 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:16
  • Brew Time: 2-3 Minutes

Coffee Description

Sunrise Honey Bliss is a taste of the sun-kissed Campestre region in Brazil. Grown at elevations from 3,641 to 3,838 feet, our Yellow Catucai beans bring a sweet honey richness, caramel indulgence, and a hint of molasses. Each sip unfolds the golden sweetness of honey and the nutty warmth of hazelnut. It all concludes with a velvety cocoa finish, a luxurious journey to the heart of Brazil.

Tasting Notes
Honey, Caramel, Molasses, Hazelnut, Cocoa
Campestre - Minas Gerais, Brazil
3641 ft - 3838 ft

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrea Bass
A smooth cup of coffee!

It has a delicious, smooth finish in every cup. When you are brewing the coffee it fills the house with an incredible aroma!

Dianne Sims
It was delicious!

I really enjoyed drinking this coffee! My favorite part was the fact it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth after I was done with my cup.

Tony Luu
Finished in a few weeks!!!

After receiving my Sunrise Honey Bliss, I quickly finished the bag in a few weeks. The flavor was definitely easy and delightful with every cup. I love Minero Coffee, my favorite coffee brand

Gil Joseph Klein
Chocolately goodness!

This is one of the tastiest coffees to drink black, but gets even better when taken with 1 brown sugar and a layer of well-whisked half-and-half. This coffee makes for an awesome post-meal reset!

Sunrise Honey Bliss - Sip into a Golden Symphony