Ruby Tango Jubilee

Savor The Captivating Delight

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Citrus, Creamy

Roast Level: Medium

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Size: 12oz.

Whole Bean - The preferred method (Requires a grinder at home).

Cold Brew - (Coarsest) For making cold brew.

French Press - (Coarse) For brewing with a French Press.

Chemex - (Medium-Coarse) For brewing with a Chemex.

Drip - (Medium-Coarse) Regular coffee machines + Keurig.

Pour Over - (Medium-Fine) For hand brewing pour over coffee.

Espresso - (Finest) For making espresso.




Grind: Whole Bean




Roast Level



Red Bourbon

Guide To A Perfect Cup

This is just a starting point for you to build upon and discover your perfect ratio.

Drip Coffeemaker

  • Coffee: 12 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Medium-Coarse
  • Filtered Water: 34 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:15
  • Brew Time: 4-6 Minutes

French Press

  • Coffee: 10 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Coarse
  • Water: 25 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:12
  • Brew Time: 4 Minutes

Pour Over

  • Coffee: 6 Tbsp.
  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Water: 17 ounces
  • Ratio: 1:16
  • Brew Time: 2-3 Minutes

Coffee Description

Transport yourself to the picturesque hills of Cabo Verde, Minas Gerais, Brazil, with Ruby Tango Jubilee. This single-origin coffee, cultivated at an elevation of 3,871 feet, showcases the exquisite flavors of the Red Bourbon variety. With its medium roast profile and natural processing method, each sip unveils a symphony of sweetness, blackberry richness, vibrant citrus, creamy texture, and subtle pineapple notes. Savor the captivating delight of Ruby Tango Jubilee and experience the true essence of Brazilian coffee craftsmanship. Let your taste buds tango with joy as you embark on a journey of pure indulgence.

Tasting Notes
Sweet, Blackberry, Citrus, Creamy, Pineapple
Cabo Verde, Minas Gerais
3,871 ft

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Ruby Tango Jubilee - Savor The Captivating Delight